Too old to drive? Too young? No problem! At Elliott Pond, you can get almost every place you need to go in 5 minutes on foot or by bike. A 2- minute walk north gets you to a shopping center with a supermarket, 3 restaurants, pharmacy, nail salon and UPS Store. A 5-minute walk south gets you to 5 schools – 3 elementary, a middle school and a high school.

Of course, on site, you’ll have community farms, homework center, pocket parks, office space and a lively town square.

Your social life? Busy!

History of Site

We will adorn the town square area with a number of plaques describing Elliott Pond’s rich, pioneer history, including its transfer as part of an 1844 Mexican Land Grant, when Mexico still owned California.

Skipping ahead, in 1918, 23-year old Adrian Beaufort (“A.B.”) Elliott bought the 22-acre ranch from the family of Daniel McIntosh, another family still prominent in Ramona. He and his wife Ruth raised cattle. In 1944 they concocted a sideline business idea. They started by paying their friend Jack to use a horse- drawn scraper to excavate eight tenths of an acre – to create a pond. They then pumped water into it. Their plan? Raise and sell turtles. The business didn’t pan out, but the pond became a beautiful Ramona landmark.

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