Braulio Casas Architects

Think of your ten favorite neighborhoods. Here’s how good we are at reading your mind: all ten of your choices were built before 1940.

Those great old neighborhoods were not built by a lost race of men. They followed design principles giving maximum consideration to pedestrians.

In laying out Elliott Pond, we followed those same principles – narrow streets, shaded sidewalks, and worthy destinations within a safe, 5-minute walk: our town square, shopping center, schools. Plus, by building front porches on all our houses, we offer residents the best view in the world – other people.

Altogether, our residential will include 44 single-family detached houses, 17 townhomes and 13 apartments. With walking made pleasant, and with many fun and useful destinations within a 5-minute stroll, it’s a solid bet our residents will enjoy good health and good social lives.

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